Saturday, 3 December 2011


  The difference between successful and unsuccessful person is not because of their weakness of strength but more than weakness of seriousness and desire. That words or phrase was saying by Mr. Matthew Mozes. So, here are some characteristics of a successful university student that have in their life.
 First of all, a successful student has a positive thinking. They always trust in thyself. Whether they think their can or not, they are right –it’s all up to them! A successful university student will always try to push they mind to always thinks in a good way. For example, there are certain subject that university student were unlike because of difficulties to understand or to study the subject. So when this happen, they will failed the subject or get the lowest marks in their exams. But for the successful students, they will try to push or practise their mind to think that “I CAN DO IT!” and at the end they will face the successfulness. Therefore, thinking positive turns they attitude in studies also positive.

  The second characteristic is always practise. Always practise here means that they are frequently doing the activities or works in their daily life. For example, students are always facing onto their books. Basically, final exam question are the topic that students have learnt in classes or from the books. So here, a successful student will always make a revision all the topic in the books that they had learnt. Beside that, they will always practise to answer the past semester exam question so they can become more familier with the question given. Hence, phrase that says “PRACTISE MAKES PERRFECT” is 99.99% can makes university students pass with flying colour in all their subjects.
  Successful in studies only not enough to called them a successful student. A successful here means that university students will always active whether indoor or outdoor activities. An example of outdoor activity is playing a football. Active in sports not only can release they tensions but it also can make their body healthy. In fact, a healthy body can makes they mentality more active. So, a successful university student will always active involve thyself whatever positive outdoor activities that can make them more confident in life.

   Last but not least, they will always live under their religion whatever conditions or places they are. For those who are not live with their religion will probably doing negative activities. On the other hand, students that live base on their religion knows that theres NO GIVE UP in their dictionary of life because all religion wants their follower face success in they life. Therefore, successful university students will always walk together with their religion in daily life to make them more easily avoid the negative activities that makes them failed in they studies and also life.

  In conclusion, a successful university student has no worries although they are unwise student because for them to become success in studies only needs 1% genius and 99% effort. That means, they have a skilled of STUDY SMART in their life to gain the award of successful university student.